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FoodTraze Blockchain Network

Chain Configurations Private, Consortium
Organisations Food Producer , Processing Plant , Distributor , Consumers
Smart Contract Language Golang
Channels Foodtraze Channel
Smart Contract Name Foodtraze
API Technology Nodejs

Open-Source Solution for Food Traceability on Hyperledger Fabric

FoodTraze stands as your open-source solution, revolutionizing ingredient traceability across the entire food supply chain – from cultivation to consumption. With FoodTraze, you wield the power to construct a transparent and accountable system, meticulously recording every step in the journey from farm to fork.

Our innovative solution empowers stakeholders at each stage, be it farmers, processors, distributors, retailers, or consumers, by offering a seamless, decentralized blockchain network. Cultivate trust within your supply chain, enhance visibility, and elevate the overall culinary experience with FoodTraze. Here, every ingredient's journey narrates a compelling story of transparency, traceability, and trust.

FoodTraze: Building a Unified Ecosystem with Ingredient Traceability

Uniting Producers, Processors, Distributors, and Consumers, through dedicated node on the blockchain, shaping the future of trustworthy traceability.


Setup Private Blockchain Network


Establish a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Permissioned Network for secure traceability.


Enroll participants to link transactions with contributors, heightening traceability.


Deploy Chain Code for smart contract intelligence and seamless logic execution.


APIs: Connecting Systems


Seamlessly integrate external systems like ERP or IoT devices with the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain through FoodTraze APIs.


Develop your own user interfaces and applications effortlessly with the versatile use of these APIs.


Enhance food traceability, providing transparent visibility into ingredient provenance at every stage.


Ingredient Traceability


Trace the history and details of specific assets for insights into their journey through the food supply chain.


Access transaction details, including ID, timestamp, block number, and actions performed within each transaction.


Implement queries within the chaincode for efficient retrieval of data related to traceability and transparency.